September 14, 2017

David Wulf, President, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Members present:  David Wulf, Merl Will-Wallace, Laurie Collier, Karen A. Hill, Sela Burkholder, Betty Landis, Linda Hart, Elaine Lewis, Karen V. Hill, Tamera Balkenhol, Linda Pleissner, Jack Bute, Judy Sacco, Nikki Steele, Chuck High,  and Charlotte Lintz.  

The July, 2017 Meeting Minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report: Laurie Collier said that since our last meeting, in July, donations equal $1,381.73.  The organization has spent $1,300 -- purchasing 3 new Oxygen Concentrators, paying building rent for meetings, expenses regarding the upcoming Health Fair, and the Administrator’s phone. 

 Laurie said we could expect the new oxygen concentrators to arrive in Tom McCormick’s container at the end of September or early October. 

 Equipment Manager’s Report: Sela Burkholder said that BHHF had received several durable medical equipment items from Amigos de Animales, in conjunction with items that were donated to that organization for their Vente de Patio Sale.

 Administrator’s Report: Betty Landis said that we have had 5 clients since the last report.  Two of these clients were Panamanian women with fractured hips; one is a woman who has had shoulder surgery; and two clients have had pneumonia. 

 Betty thanked Beverly Stearns for organizing meals for several clients who requested them; and she thanked Sela and Judy Sacco for their role in loaning medical equipment to those clients who needed that help. 

 Betty said that she was especially glad that we were able to make our services available to the Panamanian clients above.  Betty also noted her appreciation that two batteries for portable oxygen concentrators were donated to BHHF by Charles Ivan.  Each battery is valued at $300.

 Health Fair Report: Betty discussed the ongoing process of  getting commitments from vendors for the health fair -- especially, doctors, pharmacies, and laboratories.  The committee is working hard to acquire commitments, and has one major Boquete medical organization signed up. Flyers will be coming out in English and Spanish to promote the Fair. 

 David Wulf emphasized that BHHF needs more member volunteers to help organize the Fair.  He stated that there is a Marketing Committee, comprised of 3 members.  The motto for the Fair will be “Solutions for a Healthy Life”.  The Marketing Committee has plans to target both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking populations through various media approaches.  Also, for 4 consecutive Tuesdays before the Fair, BHHF will have greeters at the Tuesday Morning BCP Market with flyers to gain interest in attending.  He said that we are requesting that all vendors give a $25 donation, and two have done so, so far. 

 Betty stated that at the Fair, a table will be devoted to written  handouts provided by vendors who concentrate on preventative health.   There will also be a location at the Fair where vendors can give a short presentation on their subject of expertise. 

Blood Donor Program: Charlotte Lintz announced that the Blood Donor Program can no longer accept clients from David who need to receive blood.  She explained that this is because there are hardly any donors in David, and if we continue to provide for David residents, the supply for Boquete and environs would be seriously jeopardized. 

After discussion at the meeting, it was decided that the geographical boundaries for those who can receive blood is the same as the BHHF service area for hospice or health service cases -- requests will be taken no further than Caldera and Potrerillos.  

Guest Speaker, on The Caregiver: Dee Horn spoke to the group about her own personal experience as a Caregiver  for her husband, who experienced a debilitating stroke several years ago.  Dee strongly suggested that Caregivers need a support group, and asked if BHHF would consider helping her form one, as an offshoot of our current services.  Two members present at the meeting indicated that they would connect with Dee on this request.  Dee suggested that if a Caregiver Support Group was formed, perhaps BHHF members could volunteer to sit at the home so that the Caregiver could attend the group.

David announced that, there being no further New Business, the next General Meeting will be held on Thursday, October 12th, at 1:00 p.m. at the Amigo de Animales Building in Alto Boquete.  All are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,
Karen A. Hill, for Linda Sanchez

May 11, 2017

Babbie Earle, John Earle, Mary Lynah, Laurie Collier, Dave Wulf, Trish Christofferson, Liz Bolt, Michael Gallawa, Nancy Gallawa, Sharon Spaulding, Linda Hart, Mel Will-Wallace, Beverly Stearns, Gay Hasty, Barbara Lapid, Karen V Hill, Linda Plessner, Nikki Steele, Karen Hill, Sarah Terry, Chuck High, Charlotte Lintz, John Sandeen, Dale Jackson, Jim McCormack, Irma Castillo, Tamera Balkenhol, Bethany Sproles, Betty Landis, Tom Mooney, Diane Mooney, Susan Peterson, Linda Sanchez

Meeting was called to order by President Dave Wulf with a welcome to all attendees. 
Dave Wulf reviewed our BHHF goals for the year as established by our council during a retreat in February.  The big push this year is to market our organization to the community.   Upcoming events include a presentation on Fall Prevention which will be held at BCP 13 June at the Tuesday Market meeting.  Trish Christofferson has become our marketing guru and has given us our own Facebook page.  She, along with Karen Hill, write a monthly newsletter which can be read in various news outlets for expats.  This month's newsletter includes a testimonial from one of our own members who suffered a stroke in January this year.  

Laurie Collier has worked with Jamie Clem, a local marketer using short animated videos.  The completed video was shown to the attendees.  It is a fast moving animated video which gets across our services so the community can call for help.  

Dave Wulf congratulated both Trish and Laurie for their hard work this past month.

Mel mentioned he was helping out with several BHHF programs such as the BCP presentation, the health fair, leader training.  He would like to establish a core respiratory group to help with the concentrators for patients.  

We have a balance of $13,088 in our bank account which gives us a nice cushion.  This past month we received $300 in donations mostly from people who have borrowed equipment.  
Neither the Administrator nor the Equipment manager were present to give their reports.
Dave Wulf asked each of us to check out the new website at  Our health fair is scheduled for Oct 22  1-4:00 on a Sunday with a target audience of expats and the medical community.    We have decided to emphasize only traditional medical services, ambulances, diagnostic services available to us and hands on demonstrations.  There are four working committees:  marketing, vendors, venue and finance.  Betty Landis, coordinator,  has asked all members to help with this project.  

Sarah Terry asked if the Being Prepared buddy form had been translated into Spanish.  Answer:No
The Being Prepared Presentation is not on the BHHF website because if the forms are available on the website, the presentations will not be attended as well.  The presentation is always being updated.  
Babbie Earle asked if we would be having an attorney available at the health fair.  Answer: No
Nikki Steele said that each situation is personal and different and the attorney's do not to handle each person's questions and concerns.  John Earle suggested maybe we could have an info booth for the audience with generalized legal questions and answers available.  
Betty Landis said we could have a booth for alternative medicine with a list of available services here in Boquete. Recommendations for the this booth could include Yoga, diet info, ways to prevent disease etc.

Mary Lynah said she didn't include alternative health care in her list of available and recommended doctors in the area because there was no certification with these services.  
Dave and Erin Ross expressed their sincere thanks to BHHF during the hospitalization and home recovery after Dave's stroke in January.  
Meeting was adjourned by President Dave Wulf and the guest speaker was introduced.  

Guest Speaker:
Patrick McKittrick, a Rotarian from David, introduced Dra Lucía Dutary, psychiatrist at Centro de Salud in Boquete.  Both scheduled guest speakers, Dr Ramon Castillo, palliative care doctor in Chiriqui and Mirna Mulino, administrator of the program in David were unable to attend.   
Patrick McKittrick translated the Dra Dutary's presentation.  
The notes from the presentation are attached.

April 13, 2017

Bethany Sproles, Sarah Terry, Michael Gallawa, Sally Zigmond, Dean Hoover, Karen Hill, Kay Wade, Linda Hart, Betty Landis, Charlotte Lintz, Kim Burns, Beverly Stearns, Gay Hasty, Bev Tyler, Laurie
Collier, Merl Will-Wallace, Dave Wulf, Linda Sanchez

Volunteer of the Month
Karen Hill was honored as volunteer of the month by President Dave  Wulf.  Karen has been active in various roles in BHHF.  She has served as past president, secretary, team leader, equipment manager and established the mentor program for new volunteers.  She was involved in updating our bylaws. Karen is one of our presenters in our popular workshop, Being Prepared and in our training program for new volunteers.  Her hobbies include hiking, birding, reading, and baking. Congratulations Karen for your outstanding support.

Old Business
Minutes from last month were approved.

New Business Reports

Vice President- Yesterday, 12 April the council met to discuss our goals for the coming year.

Secretary- Nothing to add

Treasurer- Our expenses through the month of March 2017 were $3460 and with $1687 added during that same time frame.  April donations from N & N Catering were $300 with some equipment 
donations bringing our balance to: $13,115.

Administration-We need to focus on marketing and publicity.  Sally Zigmond suggested we could add a Spanish Facebook page for our Panamanian audience.  It was discussed again our need to have complete confidentiality when dealing with our clients.  We live in a small community and people need to know that their health issues remain in confidentiality.  Bev Tyler mentioned many volunteers were not receiving her emails.  She will divide the list of volunteers into two separate mailings since the number of volunteers has increased beyond what the server can handle at one time.

Equipment - Sela was absent.  No report.

Special thanks to Betty Landis for implementing our new website.  She asked us all to check the website for mistakes or for ideas for  improvement.

There was a lengthy discussion about our weekly blood pressure program at BCP every Tuesday during the market.  This is typically handled by our medical volunteers.  Each week there are an average of 6-7 people who use our services and most are the same people week after week.
When Jackie Lange brings a busload of people, most of them use our services.  Dean Hoover suggested doing a weekly blood pressure service only during our high season.  We need to decide who we are targeting and maybe provide this service at other locations.  Possible locations
could include working with the mayor during Panamanian events.

Our Health Fair is still far in the future but we need to begin an initial planning for this event.  We are still considering having theHealth Fair at the end of October.  Betty Landis has offered to begin
asking for volunteers for the planning of the fair.

Dave Wulf asked for help in selecting guest speakers for our monthly volunteer meetings.

There was a discussion about our blood donors list to include many of the young people in our community.  Dave Wulf asked each one of us to provide a list of 10-15 young people  who may be able to become blood donors.  The list will need to include the name of the person, cell phone number and email address.  Although many hospitals have a lengthy vetting process for the donors, the regional hospital has streamlined this procedure.

Charlotte Lintz provided us with a talk on why it is so important to get a bedridden person up out of bed as soon as possible as movement is essential to good health.

Meeting was adjourned by President Dave Wulf.

Next monthly meeting is scheduled for 11 May 2017 at Animales building at 1:00.

Linda Sanchez


13. January 11, 2017

 David Wulf, Vice-President, acting for Betty Landis who was absent, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Members present:  David Wulf, Karen Hill, Bev Tyler, Laurie Collier, Linda Sanchez, Elaine Lewis, Linda Hart, Jim McCormack, Lucy McCormack, Jack Bute, Babbie Earle, John Earle, Charlotte Lintz, Trish Christofferson, Sela Burkholder, Dennis Philpot, Gloria Schmitke, Sarah Terry,  Bethony Sproles, Margeurite Heffner, Beverly Stearns.

 David opened the meeting with a brief report on the status of Betty Landis’ health, who is in recovery following operations.

 Administrator’s Report:
Bev Tyler reported that loaning of the organization’s medical equipment has been very busy this past month.  She said that due to the Coffee held in November, more Panamanian officials are aware of our free loan program and accessing it for their constituents. 

 Bev said that Sela Burkholder, Equipment Manager, and herself need help.  They need someone(s) who can meet clients at the locker to loan our equipment, preferably someone who has some command of Spanish, as many of our clients are non-English speaking. 

 Bev also reported that she and Sela found a recent experience with a Panamanian family most gratifying.  The husband was dying in Palmira, and we loaned him a hospital bed.  In this instance, the entire family was so grateful and  helpful to Sela and Bev, that they both found the experience notable.

 Bev said that she has received several calls for wheelchairs, and the needs are long-term.  She has had to explain why this type of request does not fit our program.

Treasurer’s Report:
This report was given by Bev Tyler for Doug Tyler, Treasurer.  After recently paying Foundation taxes of $400 and locker rental for the year which was $2,260, we now have a balance of $11,953.21 in the bank.  The most recent Being Prepared presentation on January 1st garnered $209 in donations.

Training Report:
Beverly Stearns, Training Coordinator, reported the dates for the New Member Training have changed to February 17, 20 and 22nd.  There are 14 attendees scheduled, two of which are retired registered nurses.

In answer to a question, Beverly stated that we have approximately 50 trained members, but that does not translate to 50 available and active members. 

Publicity Report:
Linda Hart, Publicity Chairperson, reported that the January 3rd presentation of Being Prepared at the Tuesday Morning Market was completely full and went well.  It was noted during the  meeting that potential attendees had to be turned away at the door because the theatre was at capacity.

Equipment Report:
Sela reported that 47 items are currently loaned out to 26 clients, of which, 14 are Panamanians.  In answer to a question as to what Sela needed for support, she said someone with a car,  who can meet people at the locker, be disciplined about filling out the loan forms at the locker, and then send Sela an e-mail after each transaction is done.  She said that the program also needs a guy or two, to help with the heavier deliveries made to homes.  She thanked David Wulf and Karen Hill for helping out with the program.

Upcoming General Election Report:
David said that electing officers to the Foundation Council will be held next month, in February.  He was asked what constitutes a quorum, and said he would look it up in the by-laws.  The current slate is:
President -- David Wulf
Vice-President -- Merl Will-Wallace
Secretary -- Linda Sanchez
Treasurer -- Laurie Collier

David said that nominations are still open, and can be accepted up to 15 days before the election on February 9th.

Both Linda Sanchez and Laurie Collier stood before the group and gave a brief description of their backgrounds and qualifications for the positions for which they are nominated.

Vice-President’s Report:
David said that his report  would be in two segments, his goals for 2017 and feedback on our recent fund-raiser.

2017 Goals:

  • February -- Training to be done. 
  • More men recruited. 
  • Doubling membership from 58 members at present.
  • Recruiting more retired nurses and more administrators, which takes a nurse’s training.  To work more   in teams -- for example, member nurses to help administrators in their duties.
  • A functioning marketing team to team with the public relations committee -- if anyone has writing,
  • Computer, or marketing skills, David asked that they contact him.  A BHHF page is already open on Facebook, and we will be expanding to Ning, News.Boquete -- the goal is to get something out once a week.
  • A new website, probably done in March.  Marguerite Heffner is proofreading it, and Betty is working on it. Looking for a webmaster.
  • To update membership, understanding which members are active and in what capacity.
  • April -- a strategic look at both short and long term needs of the organization, and cost of each.
  • May -- have Paypal functional on website and Facebook,  to encourage and collect donations.
  • July -- A Health Fair.
  • November -- another Coffee, which proved very beneficial last year as a pipeline for training attendees.
  • December -- an Appreciation Dinner. 

David read aloud the responses which he had received to the survey on how members perceived our recent fund-raising effort. 

New Business:
 Babbie Earle introduced Lianne Smith, an RN, whom she had brought to the meeting.  Lianne stated she was interested in our organization, and may join once she is in residence in Boquete.

Trish Christofferson spoke about the new BHHF Page on Facebook.  Trish encouraged all members to go our page and “like it”, and then, very importantly, “share” it with our Facebook friends.  Trish stated that she needs photos for the Page, and the goal of the Page is to make our services known.  She said that she is a member of the marketing committee for Buenos Vecinos, and that through the use of social media for Buenos Vecinos, like Facebook, the organization has been able to cut back on fund-raising efforts in Boquete.  Buenos Vecinos has 500 followers on their Facebook Page.

Charlotte Lintz, co-coordinator for the Blood Donation Program, said that some blood types have only a dozen or so people on the Blood Donor List, and that often people are not reachable when called to donate.  She said there will be a Blood Drive next month to get more donors, and asked the members for suggestions on how to make this effective.  The demand has gone up, and some problems are that over 65, people are not allowed to donate by Panamanian law, except when the doctor authorizes an exception.  Also, Charlotte said that some hospitals are telling their clients to call our program for blood donations, which is one reason the demand has increased.  A suggestion from Linda Sanchez was that churches may be a good source for rallying their members to donate.  Charlotte said she would follow up on that idea. 

 Jim McCormack gave a handout and verbally presented information from a matrix that he is developing that outlines medical services, such as emergent care clinics, ambulance services,  and differentiate between emergency room service and cost in David hospitals.  He said he is continuing to complete the matrix.

The next BHHF General Meeting and Election of Foundation Council Officers will be held on February 9th, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.  in the Boquete Library.  Members are encouraged to attend to vote in the Election.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Hill

​12. DECEMBER 8, 2016

​​The December 2016 BHHF meeting was called to order at 12:15 on December 8, at the Animales building.  We had a combined volunteer appreciation pot luck luncheon and meeting.

Betty Landis, president announced the slate of officers for the 2017 BHHF board. At our February meeting, we will vote on the slate of officers with new officers taking over at that meeting.

President David Wulf - David accepted the position of VP last year as a training position for president this year. He has diligently worked with me to learn about the organization's operations and received firsthand experience while I was away. I thank him for holding the organization together in my absence and know he will steer the organization to wonderful things next year.

Our last training group of new volunteers provided us with exceptional talent. Three of these new volunteers have shown interest in council positions.

Vice President Merl Will-Wallace
Treasurer Laurie Collier
Secretary Linda Sanchez

Betty Landis handed out appreciation award plaques to four members who have shared their love, experience and skill with us.

1. Mary Lynah- Our dear volunteer friend Mary Lynah is retiring from her position as administrator with BHHF. Mary devoted so much time and energy to BHHF. We greatly appreciate all she has done for us and the community.

When Mary saw there were no blood banks in Panama, she took the initiative and organized a blood donor system for the Boquete area. The system and Mary have saved many lives. Thank you, Mary.

Mary shared the administrator position of our hospice and health care services. Again, Mary affected many in a positive way with her knowledge, skill, advise and loving support. We are so pleased that Mary will stay involved with BHHF just in a less active manner.

Mary, thank you for your many years of caring for the Boquete community.

2. Bev Tyler - Bev has work tirelessly for BHHF for the 6 months every year when she comes to Boquete.  This past year, she didn't even get a break when she was in Canada. Most people retire to take it easy, Bev chose to keep very active sharing her knowledge, skill and love to those with medical needs and at the end of life.

I don't want Bev to have to wait until she retires from BHHF to receive our gratitude for her devotion and hard work. Bev, thank you!

3. Babbie and John Earle -  Babbie and John brought the concept of dying with dignity with them when they came to Boquete. They were the impetus to the founding of BHHF.

Since 2007, Babbie and John have always been there for this organization. Many times it is behind the scene, but whenever needed, they are available to be administrator, advisor, team leader, equipment crew, counselor, visit the sick, etc. Thank you Babbie and John. You set a very high bar for the rest of us to aspire.

 David Wulf, Vice President, gave a summary of the "10X20 or MORE" fundraiser. He thanked everyone who participated, said how extremely successful it was and we exceeded our goal of $8000.00.

The meeting was adjourned around 2:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Landis


Members present: Gloria Schmitke, Dean Hoover, Marni Young, Bev Tyler, Doug Tyler, Nancy Stitt, Rona True, Dave Ross, Brandy Gregory, Marguerite Heffner, Erin Ross, Laurie Collier, Tamera Balkenhol, Beverly Stearns, Cindy Spencer, Nikki Steele, John Earle, Babbie Earle, Bethony Sproles, Sela Burkholder, Elaine Lewis, Char Lintz, Raven Dancer, Betty Landis, David Wulf, Linda Hart, Barbara Higgins, and Barbara Lapid.

Guests present: Dennis Philpot.

President’s and Vice President’s reports and meeting minutes from Betty Landis. There were three topics on the agenda with council reports to be presented in this written report.

David Wulf introduced the fund raiser 10-20 and MORE. He also passed out the fundraising materials to all present and explained the simplicity of the fund raiser. David shared his script to ask for donations. It is only 23 words. Council members will be contacting members to help provide support. The fund raiser runs from today until December 8.
Betty Landis discussed the community coffee on Thursday, November 17. All members were encouraged to invite friends and neighbors, especially those who might be interested in supporting BHHF. Tamera is organizing the food and Bethony the room set up and greeters. Select members will sit at tables ready to discuss how BHHF helps the community. Members were asked to be at the library between 9:30 and 10:30 to help set up.

Betty Landis discussed the December 8 Volunteer Appreciation luncheon at the Animales building. It is a pot luck. Please come and bring your spouse/significant other. It starts at 12:00. Gloria Schmitke with organize the food. Linda Hart will decorate. We are looking for someone to organize the drinks.

Written reports:

Administrator’s report: Babbie Earle and Betty Landis have acted as administrator over the past month. Cindy Spence also helped with an admission. We have one current hospice patient and one hospice patient that passed. We have one current health patient and one that was discharged. There were many calls for our support especially for equipment. Home visits were made before most equipment was loaned.

Equipment Report from Sela Burkholder: we loaned out 14 items to 8 people and 11 items were returned by 7 people. Presently, we have 48 items loaned to 35 people...  11 of the 35 people are Panamanians...

Public Relations: Linda Hart, Betty Landis and Cindy Spencer presented Being Prepared to a group of 35-40 people in Volcan. They were very appreciative and had many questions. Lynn Gorham, the organizer of the presentation, has developed a What To Do When Someone Dies in Volcan and distributed it.

Secretary’s Report: the October minutes are posted on the Boquete Hospice website.

Treasurer’s Report:

Bank balance as Oct 11 was           $3805.70

Expenses                                         -671.03

Income.                                          +862.77

Balance as of Nov 15                      $3997.44

BHHF Council meeting notes from Betty Landis:

Council members in attendance: Betty Landis, David Wulf, Doug Tyler, Bethony Sproles, Bev Tyler, Beverly Stearns, and Linda Hart. Sela Burkholder was an invited member.

The council meeting was held following the general meeting to bring all council members up to speed on current and future activities. Topics of discussion were fund raising, new volunteer recruiting, election of officers in February, expanding the number of council members, and our upcoming volunteer training.

Discussion was held on expanding the council to include the equipment manager and the past president. These members would be expected to attend all meetings and contribute, but would be non-voting members.  A vote was held and unanimously passed. The council will now include the equipment manager and the immediate past president.​


The general meeting for BHHF was held on 10/13/16 in the meeting room of the Boquete Library. Betty Landis, president called the meeting to order at 1:00pm.

Members in attendance: Sela Burkholder, Linda Hart, Charlotte Lintz, Elaine Lewis, Cindy Spencer, Chuck High, Dennis Philpot (guest), Sara Terry, Kay Wade, Babbie Earle, John Earle, Laura V. (guest), Tamera Balkenhol, Rona True, Jack Bute, Betty Landis, And Bethony Sproles.

President’s report: The November meeting date was changed to Wednesday, Nov. 9 due to a national holiday on Nov. 10.
Our December 8th meeting will be a pot luck at 12:00 at the Animales building. All names interested in being placed on the slate for office for 2017 should be given to David Wulf.

At our January meeting, a slate of officers will be presented for the next year. Voting will be at the February meeting with new officers taking over at the February meeting.

A BHHF Community Coffee will be held on November 17th at the library from 10:30-12:00 to education the community about the services we provide as well as entice new volunteers. Tamera Balkenhol has offered to organize the food and Bethony Sproles the greeters and room set up. Several members will host tables providing information about BHHF.

We still need someone to help with development and maintenance of our website.

Vice president’s report: presented by Betty Landis in David’s absence. In November, BHHF will initiate a fund raiser called 10-20 and MORE. Each BHHF volunteer is asked to contact 10 friends and ask them to donate $ 20 and MORE. We have a potential to raise $8,000. We will start the fund raiser at the November 9 meeting.

Treasurer’s report: presented by Bethony Sproles in Doug Tyler’s absence. We have $3,805.70 in our account. Sela presented expenses of $166.86. Donations of $20were received from BP at BCP.

Administrator report: Babbie Earle reported there were 2 health support cases and 1hospice case. Bev Tyler continues to support our administrative efforts long distance from Canada by setting up team, etc. Bev Tyler and Charlotte Lang will work on updating “When a person dies in Boquete”.

Equipment Loan: Sela reported 22 pieces of equipment were being used presently. Ten of the people borrowing equipment are Panamanians.

Other announcements: Charlotte Lintz presented on Alzheimer’s disease vs. dementia.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after 2:00pm.


David Wulf, Vice-President, acting for Betty Landis who was absent, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Members present:  David Wulf, Beverly Stearns, Sela Burkholder, Brandy Gregory, Merl Will-Wallace, Dean Hoover, Roxanne Frost, Kevin Reilly, Laurie Collier, John Earle, Linda Sanchez, Cindy Spencer, Tamera Balkenhol, Rona True, Elaine Lewis, Linda Hart, Jimmie McCormack, Marguerite Heffner, Babbie Earle, and Karen Hill.

David said that there was no General Meeting in August, and that had been his decision.

David gave the floor to Beverly.  Beverly encouraged all present to be on the lookout for new members and other helpers for specific tasks.  She said that toward the end of October a notification will go out for New Member Training to be held in the early months of 2017, and that also a specific recruitment invitation to retired nurses and others with medical professions will be sent out.  

David acknowledged that today was Linda Hart’s birthday.

Vice-President’s Report:
David proceeded to describe BHHF’s upcoming fundraiser for the year.   Each current BHHF member is being asked to contact at least 10 friends and ask them to donate a minimum of $20.00.  This will be accomplished in a 30 day window of time by all.  If 40 members accomplished this, $8,000.00 could be raised.  With each donation, the donor will be given a Boquete Health card to put in their wallet or purse with contact numbers for all of our services.  When members contact potential donors, they will be showing a photo of a hospital bed and oxygen concentrator so that the donor can see what their donation is going toward.   David gave a handout with a written explanation of this process, and a handout showing the donor card and the equipment photos to all present at the meeting.  

David said that BHHF does not have a PayPal account at present, but it is being looked into.  The period of time to collect donations may be moved to include both November and December, 2016.  The donor cards are printed and will be available September 17 or 18th.  The fundraising is to begin November 1st.

David stated that BHHF plans to obtain a dedicated phone line for Blood Donations.

Brandy Gregory submitted $112 dollars, donations given at the Blood Pressure table at the Tuesday Morning Market.  

David said that the BHHF website is in the process of being updated, and that he and Betty are learning how to manage the website for the future.

David said that he highly recommends the book, Being Mortal, by Atul Gawande, and read three pertinent passages from the book.  

The BHHF Health Fair is a possibility for next year, David reported.

Co-Administrator’s Report:
Babbie Earle said that Bev Tyler continues to be Co-Administrator while she is in Canada, and is doing a great job, even from that distance.  Babbie said that the following report is what Bev provided to her:

Since July, 2016,  BHHF has had three Health Services cases.  One involved a person who was badly injured in a car accident, and 6 members were involved giving that person rides to physical therapy and doctor appointments.  There is an ongoing Health Service case in which 2 of our members are regularly visiting a man with dementia, so that the spouse can have some respite.  There is also a current Health Services case for a person who has a broken pelvis, and 4 members have been actively supporting with visits and Beverly   has also organized food that has been delivered 3 times a week to this client.

Babbie reported that many of the situations in which we loan equipment to the community could be potential Health Service cases, but that people often don’t ask for help when they need it.  

Babbie said that we have two potential Hospice cases on the horizon, that she has been in contact with the caregivers; but that, again, sometimes the potential clients wait too long to allow us to fully help.  

Babbie said that we need to get packets of information prepared to give out.  Marguerite said that she has been and would continue to help with the editing of the packets, and Tamera and Rona also volunteered to help with updating them.

A discussion followed that said it would be good to increase visibility for BHHF services through using more websites, and to always remind that donations are welcome.

Babbie reported that she had been told by a person who is using the services, that Hospital Chiriqui has an oncology unit and that in their experience with this unit, it has been very professional.  

Babbie described the services of an organization called Boquete Medical Associates.  This is a group of doctors, representing 10 medical specialties, that have organized so that a doctor and an assistant can be at their clinic within 20 minutes of a call for help.  Two of the doctors are licensed to prescribe pain medication.  Their number at the Alta Clinic is 720-2434 or an alternate number is Dra. Diaz at 6615-6740. The Clinic is next to La Reina Department Store on Main Street, Boquete.  The cost per visit is $125.00 and this can be paid with Visa or Clave.  Some of the doctors in this organization will provide Death Certificates for $175.00.  They have an EKG machine in the Clinic.  

Babbie made a request to the group for help in recovering equipment which has been loaned out to the community and never returned.  Some of the equipment has been on loan since 2013.  The list to contact has 25 names.  Members present volunteered to split the list and make the recovery inquiries:  Laurie, Linda Hart, Tamera, Rona and Elaine.  They will report to Sela what they learn, and Sela will meet folks at the storage unit when they return the equipment.  

Equipment Manager Report:
Sela gave the loaned equipment report.  She thanked Babbie, John, David and Karen for help in loaning out equipment these past few months.  In a 3 month period, 22 items were loaned to 13 people; and 28 items were returned from 20 people.

New Business:
Jimmie took the floor and said that he is planning to make a user-friendly matrix that will describe the existing multiple ambulance services for critical care.  He asked that anyone present with related information make it available to him.

Publicity Chairperson Report:
Linda Hart reported that she and Betty Landis will be providing a revised version of the Being Prepared presentation to the Volcan community on 10/29/2016.  She said that they also plan to give another presentation at the Tuesdsay Morning Meeting on 1/3/2017.

Treasurer’s Report:
David gave the Treasurer’s report for Doug Tyler, who is in Canada.  He said that we currently have $3,000 in the bank, and that we normally spend about 3 to 5,000 each year, mainly on buying durable medical equipment to loan to the community.

General Election for Foundation Officers:
David said that the next General Election for Officers will be in February, and to please think about nominations for the slate.  

The next BHHF General Meeting will be held on October, 13, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. at the Boquete Library.  All are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Hill for Bethony Sproles, Secretary

8. There was no meeting in August, 2016.


David Wulf, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.

Babbie, administrator, reported on patients. We had five patient calls and one became a Hospice patient.  She thanked those who had volunteered to care for the patients.

David Wulf requested volunteer hours be sent to him via email.

Dean inquired as to when “Being Prepared” would be presented again.  People were asking for it.  It was suggested that what a person should do in the U.S. after a person passes in Panama should be added to “Be Prepared” presentation.

David reported that Laurie C., Brandy G., and himself helped Tom McCormick and unload the container with supplies for BHHF and Tom’s charities.  Laurie took a truck and 2 helpers with her.  Hospital beds, walkers, crutches, and wheel chairs were donated to BHHF in the past. We received our oxygen concentrators on thi shipment.

Pictures were shown of 70 people helping to unload the container.  The line was formed in a chain and the items were passed from one to another.  Tom collects prosthetic’s to give to people who need them.

BHHF gave Tom a donation for his help.

David discussed starting a fund raising committee and Kevin volunteered to help.

Linda Hart was gone and there was no Public Relations report.

Sela gave a report on equipment.  The storage bins are organized. Four concentrators were with patients.  Merl and Sela will check to see that they are working.

Merle will be doing a 2 day seminar.

The meeting concluded at 2:30.  Everyone enjoyed the slides on Tom McCormick.


David Wulf, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Members Present were Kevin Reilly, Elaine Lewis, Tamera Balkenhol, Babbie Earle, Cindy Spencer, Linda Hart, MERL  Will-Wallace, Dean Hover, Rona True, and Bethony Sproles.

Babbie Earle became the administrator due to the absence of Bev Tyler and Mary Lynah. Babbie reported on Hospice activity follows:

There were 5 calls for services, four of the calls were Health related. Elaine Lewis volunteered to help get equipment to and from storage as Sela Burkholder was out of the country. It was discussed that one of the things we can do to help is furnish meals and that most people do not know it.  No plan to get the word out was discussed. Merl agreed to take care of the oxygen concentrators. Char Lintz and Tamera Balkenhol are managing the blood donor list. Tamera and Cindy will take over the intake of patients and they will need copies of the intake forms.Volunteers were solicited to sit with a client’s husband.Kevin, Linda Sanchez volunteered to ask Judy Sacco about purchasing her left over medical equipment. 

 David requested that volunteer hours could be e-mailed or could fill out the form online.

David started a discussion on ways to make money.  No definite ideas were agreed on.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.


Betty Landis, President, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. at the Boquete Library. BHHF Members in attendance were: Betty Landis, Linda Hart, Bev Tyler, Doug Tyler, Sela Burkholder, Charlotte Lintz, Nikki Steele, Roxane Frost, Tamera Balkenhol, Jack Bute and Charlotte Lang.

Speaker: Charlotte Lintz presented clinical studies and new information on cholesterol. Her talk was very informative on the correlation between cholesterol and heart disease.

Officers and committee reports:

President, Betty Landis reported on:

1.Community members have offered to  be “Advocates/supporters” for BHHF. These people have come forward to offer their help (translations, website update, community interactions, etc.) but not direct patient care. We will welcome them as a new “” of Hospice/Health volunteers (not needing our training) and a of community interaction.

2.Fran Hogan has agreed to assist us with giving our website a new facelift. We are working on getting our website updated as we go forward to fund raise.

3.A new future project will be a Health Fair featuring:Doctors talking about their services, Sela, our equipment manager, displaying samples of our medical equipment for loan, and possibly having all local amb(Policlinica, Bomberos, Dr. Boya, Dolega) for view and explanation of services and costs. The Health Fair will be for both the expats and the Panamanians.

4.We also will be putting monthly articles on Boquete News and other blogs as a service for the community.

5.Betty will be leaving for the states later this month and expects to be gone for 2 months.

Treasurer, Doug Tyler reported our current balance in our account is $3417.00 He reported on the fund raising plans. He is also putting together a Calendar of events.

Secretary, Linda Hart filled in for Bethony Sproles who was absent and had no report.

PR Committee, Linda Hart reported we had 2 events since the last meeting. One was a workshop to complete the Be Prepared forms. There were a total of 24 people who came, asked lots of questions and donated $248.50 to Hospice/Health. Lots of compliments followed. On May 10, another Be Prepared presentation was held at BCP to a full house. We received $270.00 from donations for a total of $518.50 this past month in donations. Penny Barrett invited us back anytime as we are one of the presentations that is a guarantee full house. This presentation has been attended by 574 people since we first began last summer. New workshops/presentations are in the works but we will be taking a hiatus until August since most of the presenters will be gone off and on until then.

Equipment manager, Sela Burkholder reported we are getting 10 refurbished oxygen concentrators.

Administrator, Bev Tyler reported there was one new Hospice case and the response to her alert for volunteers was wonderful. She connected 2 caregivers so they could provide support to each other.

The next BHHF General meeting will be held on June 9, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. at the Boquete Library. All are welcome to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40 PM.


Betty Landis, President, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. at the Boquete Library.

BHHF Members and guests in attendance were: Karen Hill, Marguerite Heffner, Barbara Chapple, Mary Lynah, Brandy Gregory, Luana McCamy, Charlotte Lang, Tamara Balkenhol, Nikki Steele, Linda Sanchez, Sela Burkholder, Sarah Terry, Kay Wade, Sally Zigmond, Chuck High, Hyter Alexander, David Wulf , Linda Hart, Doug Tyler, Bev Tyler, Betty Landis.

Officers and committee reports:

President’s report and speakers:  Betty Landis introduced Hank Landis, newly appointed U.S. Warden for Boquete and Bonnie Williams, newly appointed Alternate. U.S. Warden for Boquete. They gave an overview of how they plan to assist the U.S. citizens of Boquete. The announced they have started an information posting on Congratulations to Hank and Bonnie.

Mary Lynah gave a detailed talk on tropical diseases, Zika, Typhoid, and Chagas. She talked about their symptoms, what you can do to avoid them, and what to do if you think you may have one of these.

Betty thanked Laurie Collier and Merl Will-Wallace for their active pursuit in obtaining oxygen concentrators. Merl discovered a source to buy refurbished concentrators for $200.00 and has ordered 6. Laurie and her husband have committed to donate 2 of them. We are reaching our goal of 15.

Betty reported on the survey response regarding the meetings. Seems everyone is happy with the current location and time, would be happy to have a lunch meeting occasionally, and happy with the presentations.

Administrator’s report: Bev Tyler reported there is one new Hospice case and she has sent out an alert which she has received several responses and several members in attendance asked to be put on the list. This is all she knows about the case at this time.

Vice President’s report:  David Wulf handed out papers to the members that they can use to report their volunteer activities and hours to him.

A discussion was held on the location of the Blood Pressure table at BCP at the Tuesday Market. Final decisions will be left to the Blood Pressure committee.

Secretary’s report:  Linda Hart filled in for Bethony Sproles who was absent, and had no report.

Treasurer’s report: Doug Tyler present a financial report. To date we have a balance of $3,550.00. He talked a bit on ideas for fund raisers. Hyter Alexander volunteered to help on the fund raiser committee.

PR Committee chair report: Linda Hart, PR committee chair, stated how thankful she is to be part of Hospice and thanks to all for the support she has received during her mother’s illness, especially Betty Landis and Charlotte Lang.

Nikki Steele reported there have been 15 Being Prepared presentations since last August. Since then we have had 421 people attend those meetings and this year we have received $280.00 in donations. There is a forms workshop scheduled on April 27 and another Being Prepared presentation scheduled on May 10 at BCP.

The next BHHF General meeting will be held on May 12, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. The location will be the Boquete Library. All are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Hart, Acting Secretary


Betty Landis, President, called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m. at the Boquete Library. BHHF Members in attendance were: Kay Wade, Gloria Schmitke, Trish Christofferson, Tamera Balkenhol, Rona True, David Wulf , Linda Hart, Cindy Spencer, Karen Hill,
Sela Burkholder,  J V Young, Doug Tyler, Bev Tyler, Betty Landis, Bethony Sproles, Brandy Gregory, Niki Steele, Merl Will-Wallace, Barbara Wallace, and Laurie Collier.

Officers and committee reports:

President, Betty Landis introduced Dean Hoover, MD. Dean gave a detailed talk on how and when to recognize depression.
Betty stated she will send out a survey to members to get feedback on how and where they would like to have our general meetings.

Administrators report:
Mary Lynah stated she will give a report on tropical diseases next month.
Bev Tyler reported there have been no patients this month.

Vice President, David Wulf asked for volunteer hours. He will help Doug Tyler with fund raising.

Secretary, Bethony Sproles had no report.

Treasurer, Doug Tyler present a financial report.

Karen Hill, Mentor Program chair, introduced the new mentors and mentees and discussed how the program has been operating.

Sela Burkholder, Equipment manager, gave an update on our equipment. In January, we loaned 33 items to 19 people. We also received donations from patients.

Linda Hart, PR committee chair, reported the Being Prepared presentation will be given March 21 and 30 at the library. This is the response to demand by the expats community. The Expat community of Volcan would like the presentation after Easter.

The next BHHF General meeting  will be held on April 14, 2016 at 1:00 p.m.   The location will be the Boquete Library.  All are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Bethony Sproles, Secretary


Betty Landis, President, called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. at the Oasis Hotel. BHHF Members in attendance were:  Babbie Earle, John Earle, Bethony Sproles, Beverly Stearns, Bev Tyler, Doug Tyler, Brandy Gregory, Charlotte Lang, Char Lintz, David Wulf, Dean Hoover, Elaine Lewis, Gloria Schmitke, Jeanie Miller, Jimmie McCormack, Karen Hill, Kay Wade, Linda Hart, Lucy McCormack, Mary Lynah, Nancy Stitt, Nikki Steele, Sela Burkholder, Tamera Balkenhol, Trish Christofferson, Kevin Reilly, Linda Sanchez, Rona True, and Merl Will-Wallace.

President’s Announcements:

Betty Landis announced that there would be three items of business today.  She stated that the first item of business is that Gloria Schmitke, current Vice-President, will present the slate of officers who are nominated for the new term of office.  Betty said the new term begins immediately after voting during this meeting. The second item of business will be Babbie Earle, presenting a brief summary of our most recent Hospice case.  The third item will be a presentation by Dr. Roderic Gottula, a hospice physician from the United States, who will  speak about the current state of hospice and palliative care in the United States. 

Election of New Officers:

Gloria Schmitke announced the slate of  officers nominated for the new term beginning today, February 16, 2016.  The nominees are:  Betty Landis, nominated for President; David Wulf, nominated for Vice-President; Doug Tyler, nominated for Treasurer; and Bethony Sproles, nominated for Secretary.  Gloria stated that there were no other nominations.  A vote was taken at the meeting, and the entire slate of officers was approved unanimously by all BHHF members present.
Hospice Case Briefing:

Babbie Earle, team leader for the most recent Hospice case, gave a brief summary of the case.  Babbie did not state the name of the client or her family or caregivers, in order to maintain confidentiality.   Babbie stated that she, the Administrator, Bev Tyler, and the other BHHF  volunteer members of the team, had been able to help the client and her caregivers and family by coming to the house and sitting with the client so that the caregivers could go take a rest.  Babbie stated that the goal was to help provide a peaceful, loving atmosphere for the client, and that BHHF learned that it was necessary to help the caregivers control the amount and length of visits from friends.  Babbie stated that she felt that the BHHF team had been successful in reaching their goal of helping to provide the peaceful, loving atmosphere for the client.
Doctor’s Briefing:

Dr. Roderic Gottula stated that he was visiting Boquete, and other parts of Panama, and that he has been practicing for ten years as a hospice doctor in the United States.  He described the current situation of hospice care in the United States.  He said that most hospice clinics are for profit, and that most of the payments for hospice services is paid from the Medicare Program, Part A. 

Dr. Gottula also stated that most hospice care is done in the client’s home, by visiting medical professionals.  He talked about the types of pain and anxiety medications that are commonly used in palliative care for individuals in the United States.  He offered to send President, Betty Landis,  articles of interest on developments in palliative care in the United States, to keep the BHHF organization informed. 

The next BHHF General meeting will be held on March, 10, 2016 at 1:00 p.m.   The location will be announced by a meeting notice sent to all members.  All are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted,

Bethony Sproles, Secretary


Betty Landis, President, called the meeting to order.

BHHF Members in attendance were: Gloria Schmitke, Bethony Sproles, Sarah Terry, Beverly Stearns, Sela Burkholder, Brandy Gregory, Jimmie McCormick, David Wulf, Marni Young, Babbie Earle, John Earle, Charlotte Lang, Doug Tyler, Jack Bute, Bev Tyler, Karen Hill, and Linda Hart.

President’s Report: Betty announced that the Boquete Community Players organization has given BHHF a spot at the Tuesday Morning Market for a blood pressure table. It will be located under a tent on the south side of the facility. Betty asked for nurses and other trained medical personnel for interest in taking turns at the table. She also asked for someone, not necessarily medically trained, to organize this weekly service. A tablet was passed around the meeting for members to show interest and returned to Betty. Betty brought up the topic of fund-raising and volunteer appreciation event(s). She suggested a time frame of March or April, and suggested that BHHF needs a fund-raising committee. Jimmie McCormick, member, suggested that a questionnaire be sent to all members regarding their level of interest in helping with fund-raising. Karen Hill asked what our bank balance is at this time --

Treasurer, Jack Bute, reported that our current balance is $4,594.95. Jack said that BHHF now has a bigger storage room at the Alto Dorado facility, and that the rate that he negotiated is $95.00 a month, as opposed to the asking price of $120.00. He was thanked for arranging this reduction in cost. Jack also reported that the storage rental is paid through this November, 2016, and that the foundation tax of $400 is also current.

Gloria Schmitke, Vice-President, reported that the Angel Remembrance Tree project netted $350.00 in donations, considerably less than last year’s amount. Betty reported that donations from the Being Prepared presentations has amounted to approximately $650. Both the Remembrance Tree project and the Being Prepared donations are being saved specifically for an oxygen concentrator for the equipment program.

An oxygen concentrator costs about $2,000.00. Babbie Earle, founder member, stated that we may have a source to obtain an oxygen concentrator for free. John Earle, founder member, suggested that BHHF directly approach individual donors in the community for larger sums, as was done to obtain the initial monies to start the organization. Doug Tyler, member, stated that he would compile a list of such potential donors and look into a way of approaching them, oneon-one. Brandy Gregory, member, suggested having an Equipment Fair, a social event where potential donors could be in the presence of the type of equipment we would like to purchase.

Betty said that she has been in contact with a doctor in the United States who is a practicing hospice doctor. She stated that he might be available to meet with the members and give a talk on topics of our choosing on Tuesday, February 16th . She asked that we consider moving the normal second Thursday meeting date to the 16th . Members agreed to this change. Betty noted that the New Member Training is taking place on February 3, 5, and 8 th , and that changing our meeting date to the 16th would make the schedule less hectic for those involved in the training.

Betty gave a presentation which outlined some guidelines for starting a Mentoring Program, in which members who have been with the organization and have had experience with cases, would enter into a mentor/mentee relationship with a new member who had just completed the New Member Training. After some discussion, including a concern about experienced members not being in Panama for long intervals and their ability to fulfill their mentor role, the members agreed to entertain this proposal. It was said that the monthly contact between mentor/mentee did not have to be in person, could be by e-mail when one of them is absent from the country. Betty said the purpose of the program is to keep both the “old” and the “new” members engaged with each other and the organization.

Betty said that she wished to truly thank the members of the Foundation Council who were ending their terms in February -- Gloria Schmitke, Vice-President; Jack Bute, Treasurer; and Karen Hill, Secretary.

Vice-President’s Report: Gloria introduced the slate of nominees who had agreed to stand for election in February: Betty Landis for President; David Wulf for Vice-President; Doug Tyler for Treasurer; and Bethony Sproles for Secretary. Gloria stated per BHHF by-laws, other nominations can be made until 15 days before the voting date in February. Secretary’s Report: Karen Hill had nothing to report. Training Coordinator’s Report: Beverly Stearns stated that the New Member Training is scheduled for February 3, 5 and 8 th at the Amigos de Animales facility in Alto Boquete. She said that the management of the organization was only charging BHHF $10 a day to cover electricity costs -- that the normal daily rental is $70.00. N & N Catering, owned by Nancy Hulbert and Nairn Cutten, will supply cookies and coffee every morning for the attendees and presenters as their donation to BHHF. Beverly said that on the second day of training, there are 4 stations, each with a BHHF nurse volunteer, to teach comfort care. She said that a second person is needed at each station to demonstrate to the trainees, and asked members to volunteer to do this. Beverly said that she will also have lists of committees, and ask the newly-trained members to sign up for committees of their choice before the training is finished.

Publicity Chairperson’s Report: Linda Hart said that the publicity committee has a waiting list for more presentation of “Being Prepared”. She stated that the committee is entertaining the idea of forming a presentation for Caregivers, and forming workshops to facilitate people filling out the Buddy Connection and other forms related to the “Being Prepared” presentation. Linda reported that when Juan Contreras gave his presentation at the BCP Tuesday Morning Meeting on January 5, that he used the list of questions that she and other presenters of “Being Prepared” had given him as the most likely and most important questions that the audience would have on Wills, Living Wills, Foundations, Corporations and other related legal items. During Linda’s discussion, Beverly Stearns stated that the “Being Prepared” presentation, the streamlined version given at BCP, would be part of the New Member Training this February, as only 3 of the 11 trainees had been to a previous presentation. It was also noted that Nikki Steele, member, is having most of the forms translated into Spanish.

Equipment Manager’s Report: Sela Burkholder said that equipment has been in high demand the past two months -- 26 items loaned out, 28 items returned. She had compiled the 2015 Equipment Factoids and gave the report to the Foundation Council members. The only reasons that people were turned down for equipment loans during this period were 1) the unavailability of equipment in the storage lockers, having been already loaned out 2) requests from out of the BHHF service area, as from David and 3) the degree of need -- actual hospice patients have first priority to the equipment. Sela, and her husband, Al Mills, volunteer hours for 2015 -- delivering and setting up beds, researching items, cleaning, organizing, keeping records, interfacing with people picking up and returning items -- totaled 297.

Administrator’s Report Bev Tyler echoed Sela’s statement that there has been a lot of equipment loan work and that she has seen an increase of foreigners, living in the BHHF service area, who come here alone, are sick, have no established friends to help and no money to obtain needed health care. Bev said that she had worked on such a case after a call from the U.S. Warden in our area, Price Peterson.

Team Leader’s Report: Betty announced that Babbie Earle, team leader on our recent hospice case, would give a report about the case. Since only trained members can be present when such a report is made, Betty adjourned the general meeting, and said that the Team Leader’s report would follow a short break, and all interested, trained members were encouraged to remain for the report. The next BHHF General Meeting and Election will be held in February, date/time and place to be announced by a meeting notice sent to members. All are welcome to attend.

Respectfully submitted, Karen Hill, Secretary



Boquete Health & Hospice