Boquete Health & Hospice 

Boquete Health and Hospice is totally committed to the truth that death is natural and can be experienced with dignity and minimal pain. We give care and support through all the phases of incurable and degenerative diseases so that each of us can live our last days fully aware and as comfortably as possible. 

Trained volunteers are the heart and soul of the organization and provide help with the following:​​

  • ​Medical referrals and treatment coordination
  • Grocery shopping, meal preparation and other domestic chores
  • Securing medical equipment such as a hospital bed, walker, wheel chair, etc
  • Advise on obtaining in-home medical services
  • Dealing with emotional difficulties associated with dying
  • Coordinating and scheduling volunteer visit and respite care for family caregivers
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Spending time with the patient, actively listening and attending to the patient
  • Bereavement follow-up services.

Admission to BHHF services requires the following:

  • ​Patient has a Primary Care Provider willing to be available 24 hours a day. If the Primary Care Provider is a group, they must designate a spokesperson who will interact with hospice.
  • Family members of the patient or Primary Care Provider participate in the patient's care plan.
  • Patient has a physician overseeing his or her care.