Boquete Health & Hospice 

Boquete Health and Hospice offers an ever evolving slide presentation to the public both educating and keeping the community up to date with Panamanian Laws and procedures when a person dies in Boquete.

Do you know the legalities in Panama if you die become ill and unable to make crucial medical decisions for yourself? (Laws you are familiar with in your home country do not apply in Panama!).

Are you aware you must have enough cash on hand to pay a doctor to pronounce death and to have the mortuary to pick you up? (No credit cards or IOU's are accepted.)

What would you do if hospitalized in an emergency and could not express what medical treatment you would want?

Who can legally enter your home to feed your pets if you can't?

What's your legal marital status?

Do you have a Panamanian will?

Does anyone know who to call back home for you?

There is a lot we assume we know, but we don't. It is of paramount importance to be prepared.