Boquete Health & Hospice 

Boquete Health and Hospice is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing care-giving services to the dying and those suffering temporary illness, as well as, support to their families. 

BHHF was founded in 2007 by a group of Expats: Babbie and John Earle, Mary Feldbruegger, and Jerry Hedrick who brought the concept of creating a hospice organization to their new home in  Boquete, Panama.  We thank them immensely and all the numerous, qualified volunteers since who have given ease and comfort to people in need.

Since its creation, BHHF has diversifies to strategically fit the needs of the people here in the District of Boquete. Health support became needed since there are countless people here who have little or no family and critically need temporary support when ill or post-operative. These services have also expanded to embrace the Panamanian community. We shared our mission and model of service with sister organization taking root in Panama City and Volcan.

BHHF continues to grow and change, flexing in positive ways. Our "Being Prepared" seminars are a case in point. So many Expat attend these presentation on final arrangements to learn how to manage their personal circumstances and desires, here is a foreign country. Our blood donor program is another aspect of BHHF that has sprouted to meet the needs of the people desperately requiring units of blood, since there are no blood banks in Panama. Lastly, our equipment loan program may be the only place to find that much needed medical equipment.

Please consider joining us and helping us provide loving support to our friends in need in Boquete


About Boquete Hospice & Health Foundation