Boquete Health & Hospice 

Our dedicated volunteers commit to attending a three day-long intensive training. Their backgrounds span the spectrum from medical professionals to those with big hearts and a desire to help others. 

You too, will be welcome in on our group. Your involvement can be minimal like making meals or more involved like sitting with the sick.

Please consider joining our team.

​​​​​We extend a warm welcome to those of you visiting our website! 




Since 2007, Boquete Health & Hospice  Foundation (BHHF) has provided free, caring, essential  assistance to people with temporary illness or at the end of life. We have helped many in medical need and we can help support you in your time of need. This is our mission, this is our ultimate goal.

​We could not exist without your charitable donations both large and small.

To support us financially,  simply:

* Click on the "Contact Us" button 

* Call us at 507-6781-9250

* Email Laurie Collier, our treasurer, at

Soon we will have a PayPal account for your convenience.


        use our services 

We have made it simple to determine if you qualify for our services.

Just call 507-6781-9250 and speak with our Administrator, a trained volunteer.

 After a telephone interview and possible home visit, we will develop a plan with you and your caregiver to support your short-term medical needs.